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I'm Christine, the creative director and seamstress of what you see here. Some collaborations, some original designs, everything handmade. My mom taught me to sew when I was a kid so my Cabbage Patch dolls ended up with some pretty spectacular outfits and costumes. A 7" growth spurt over a summer, puberty and more than a few awkward fitting room moments later I started making some of my own clothes. Nothing off the rack was ever quite right, not long enough in the body, sleeves too short, bust too tight, too low cut (sound familiar?) I corrected these issues in my own designs and the constant tugging and adjusting stopped. I want to share this with you. 

Not everything I make is fancy, although I love a magical gown, I understand how frustrating it can be finding something that fits properly and reflects you. Whether it's your height, those curves, or just not quite right- let me help! Drafted to your measurements, fitted to your body. Drop me a line, let's create something for you.


To see what I'm currently working on, check out my Instagram @cmpcouture